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At last we can say that patient counselling is a part and parcel of good medication. A good counselling can provide a patient to take his medication. The counselling content is considered to be the heart of the counselling session.During this step the pharmacist explains to the patient about his or her medications and treatment regimen.Lifestyle changes such as diet or exercise may also be discussed.

Reason why it has been prescribed or how it works:

  • Natural substances and the minute amounts administered seldom yield side effects. An example of homeopathy is taking tablets specific to your illness purchased from a health food store.
  • An example of homeopathy is giving substances that, when given to a healthy person in larger quantities, will cause symptoms similar to those experienced by the patient.
  • An example of homeopathy is using red onion, mountain herb and stinging nettle as substances in some homeopathic remedies.
  • An example of homeopathy is "potentizing" which is the dilution of a more concentrated solution of the substance. In most remedies, the dilutions produce a solution that no longer contains any of the original substance.