Single Remedy

"One remedy make a healthy person"

No matter how many symptoms are experienced, only one remedy is taken, and that remedy is aimed at all those symptoms.

The use of the simillimum which is a single remedy prescribed for curative purpose is one of the important basic tenets of Homoeopathy. But. with the passage of time, we find a changing pattern of homoeopathic prescribing in which some of the practitioners are found to be using more than one remedy in a single prescription It is often being claimed by these fellow -practitioners that such mixtureof remedies work faster and give more definite relief to the patient. However, I do not think that this claim has been scientifically or substantially proved On the contrary, I must record that I have never come across a single case which has been cured by such combinations. In fact, however, most of the excellent cures have been established by using the single remedy.

There may be a slight worsening of symptoms (aggravation) at the start, but this should be followed by an improvement as your vitality and immune system are stimulated by the medicine. During the healing of chronic disease, old symptoms (that might once have been suppressed) may re-emerge. This phenomenon is described in leaflet 8: Direction of cure.

Other reasons for giving only one medicine at a time are as follows:

  • If you give more than one medicine, one might cancel out the action of another.
  • If you give more than one medicine it is not possible to know which is having an effect.
  • The possible interactions between simultaneously given remedies are not known.